We just received our new monitoring equipment. We’ve purchased two mobile terminals that we will place in various surrounding areas to measure how much sound is leaving our facility and traveling in which directions. We also purchased a fixed mounted sound station for installation at the plant, to monitor exactly what sounds the plant is making at all times. Additionally, we installed a sophisticated weather station which will allow us to constantly record which way the wind is blowing, as the direction and strength of prevailing wind can cause sound to travel much further. This will allow us to make sure that we can isolate which specific sounds are attributable to our plant, and which ones we have no control over (loud trucks, tree frogs, thunderstorms, etc.) Over the course of this ongoing effort, we’ve assembled quite an impressive amount of data demonstrating some very positive progress. As always, feel tree to drop us a note or ask any questions you might have. Thanks for all your feedback!

– Lorne A.